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Spring SPECIAL!!! 1 Small Candle Breeze Warmer (Black Fluted) and 1 small Tangerine Blossom Cand-O....Only $9.99, regularly $34.98
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Small Cand-O's
wickless candles
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Candle Aire Tins (Large Cand-O's)
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Large Candle Breeze
Buy Large Candle Breeze candle warmers
Small Candle Breeze
Buy Small Candle breeze candle warmers
"It's the fan!" While other candle warmers and candles take hours to fill less
than 75 square feet with aroma, Candle Breeze will fill over 2,000 square feet in
less than 45 minutes. This is due to it's uniquely designed patented fan built
into the warming unit. It would take dozens of candle warmers or candles hours
to do what (1) Candle Breeze can do in just minutes.  Experience today why
Candle Breeze has been voted "Best Gift to Give" and quoted by The City Weekly
"We assure you that you will not find a more safe, efficient or cost effective way
to fill your home or office with wonderful aroma than with a Candle Breeze.  With
over (30) Cand-O fragrances to choose from your home will be the envy of
friends and neighbors.  Candle Breeze does make great scents."