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White Satin (Downey clean sheets)
Small Cando's are available in
33 Fragrances
Cand-O's wickless candles for Candle Breeze and Candle Aire
Small Cand-O's
Dimensions:1/4" tall, 2 1/2" wide
Cand-O™ wickless flameless scented candles are designed specifically for the Candle Breeze™ &
CandleAire™ electric candle warmers. There is a perfect Cand-O™ fragrance for every season and
every mood all year long. Cand-O’s™
outperform the competition including plug-in air fresheners,
scented oil & traditional scented candles. Long lasting Cand-O's are perfect for aromatherapy as well.

Cand-O™ features:
•        Safe - Cand-O's™ are wickless, flameless, lead free & pollution free
•        Hand poured in the USA using only the finest ingredients
•        Lid included with each Cand-O™ to seal & store your scent
•        Long lasting - enjoy 30-50 hours of fragrance from each Small Cand-O™
•        Longer lasting - enjoy 60-80 hours of fragrance from each Candle Aire Tin (Large Cand-O™)
Candle Aire Tins (Large Cand-O's) are designed for the Large Candle Breeze & Candle Aire
"I finally look forward to guests coming to my house because
I love the reaction when they walk through the door."
Steve Oldfield, Fox Entertainment Movie Critic
Small Cand-O's are designed for the Small Candle Breeze