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Compare Candle Breeze

  • Aerosol Spray air fresheners deliver an instant result. Typically used in the bathroom, they are only effective as a one treatment
    application. The scents are strong and the results fade away quickly.

  • Scented Candles are limited in their coverage and only effectively cover up to 100 square feet. Scented candles have dangerous
    implications due to flame, lead and soot deposits. Many public buildings now restrict the use of candles. 1 Pende brand candle
    warmer is more effective than over a dozen scented candles. CandleAire and Large Candle Breeze candle warmers offer all the
    benefits of a scented candle without any of the problems. Enjoy the ambiance of a candle with the flickering bulb, and the natural
    scent of a candle with 30 unique Cand-O scents.

  • Tart Burners/Jar Warmers offer safety without the fear of flame, but these devises simply cannot match the performance of a
    Candle Breeze electric candle warmer with the Patented Whisper Quiet Fan.

  • Scented Oil offers faster results than traditional candles, but cannot match the coverage of a Candle Breeze candle warmer. Our
    Patented Whisper Quiet Fan will fill your entire home with scent in only minutes.
"Candle Breeze has truly made a difference in our home. It only takes a few
seconds to change scents and change our home's mood. After a week, my
wife tossed out all the other "candle" type air fresheners for good."
~Tony Toscano~ National Film Critic & Host of Talking Pictures