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Large Candle Breeze™ electric candle warmers
Large Candle Breeze with FREE Large Cinnamon Candy Cand-O
Large Candle Breeze
Replacement Glass
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Create a memorable setting with the traditional design of a Large Candle Breeze™. Simply
dim the lights and let Candle Breeze™ create the ambiance with the soft glow of candle
light and your favorite Cand-O™ wickless flameless scented candle. In less than 60
minutes your home will be ready to make a good first impression. Candle Breeze™ electric
candle warmers are a unique home deodorizer & air freshener. Safe and more effective
than plug-in's, aerosol sprays, scented oil & traditional scented candles. Discover why
Candle Breeze truly is "The Ultimate Aromatic Machine".

Large Candle Breeze™ features:
•        Large candle Breeze™ dimensions: 113/4" tall, 6 1/4"wide
•        2 piece construction - plastic base with a frosted glass top
•        Flickering light bulb - creates the mood of soft candle light
•         Whisper Quiet Fan - quickly disperses the scent
•        Convenient 6 foot power cord with switch plugs into any 110 volt outlet
•        Non-slip rubber feet keep the Candle Breeze™ stable on a table or shelf
•        FREE Cand-O™ wickless candle included in each box!
“I m giving up candles for good. The Candle Breeze
does in 1 hour what 16 candles could only hope to do
in 24 hours. Unbelievable.”
-Leslie Liberatore, San Francisco, CA
Create the mood of real candle light without a flame!
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