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    "Candle Breeze is the greatest invention since the i pod. The Cherry Blossom Cand-O could be the most aromatic
    fragrance ever designed"
    ~Jimmy Chunga~ Radio Personality & Actor

    "The Mojito Lime Cand-O will change your life!"
    ~Mister West~ Radio Personality

    "I recommend Candle Breeze as the perfect gift for any occasion. There's a tremendous array of choices for
    scents, the product  is quiet and works extremely well
    and because its "no flame" design makes Candle Breeze one of the safest products to use in your home."
    ~Tony Toscano~ National Film Critic & Host of  Talking Pictures

    "As the son of elderly parents I have finally found a product that I feel at ease having them use on a daily basis. I must
    also thank you for making their home smell so wonderful!"
    ~Steve Oldfield~ Fox Entertainment National Movie Critic

    "The fan in the unit makes all the difference.  I can fill my entire home with aroma using my Candle Breeze.  It would take
    candles spread out throughout my house 24 hours to get the same results that the Candle Breeze can do in 90 minutes."
    ~Carol R.~

    “I m giving up candles for good. The Candle Breeze does in 1 hour what 16 candles could only hope to do in 24 hours.
    -Leslie Liberatore, San Francisco, CA

    "Thank you. I really enjoy your products."
    ~Carey K.~

    "I finally look forward to guests coming to my house because I love the reaction when they walk through the door."
    ~Steve Oldfield~ Fox Entertainment National Movie Critic

    "Due to the fear of flame, traditional candles are now re-gifted more than fruitcake!"
    ~Deno Roumpos ~ Inventor of the Candle Breeze

    "I love the smell of Strudel & Spice Cand-O's in my Candle Breeze. My guest's think I am baking fresh cinnamon rolls!"

    "I use Candle Breeze in my office / studio everyday.You would not believe the compliments we get from our clients wanting
    to know what we use. The product is a winner."
    ~Tony Toscano~ National Film Critic & Host of Talking Pictures.

    "I recently purchased a Candle Breeze for my wife for her birthday. She completely loves it. It really does fill the
    house with a wonderful scent as it claims to do. What a great product. The Orange Creamsicle is terrific.
    Thank you for recommending it."
    ~Jeff B.~
"Candle Breeze electric candle warmer - "The
coolest invention next to the i-Pod, ever!"
Cand-O wickless scented candles - "The
different scents smell so good"!
Steve Oldfield "I got the coolest gift!"
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